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Staging Is Important - It Helps Show the Property At It's Very Best

While the practice of staging properties isn't something new, there are still many sellers who don't fully appreciate the inate value of having it done. Especially in a market that favours sellers, I've had clients express the sentiment that there's nothing to worry about because, "the house will sell itself!"

While on some level that's true, most properties will eventually sell, and sometimes within a short time frame. But, what is important to consider is that a well staged house can potentially sell for many thousands more when compared to an an un-staged property. And when a house has that all important "Wow Factor," it will have an direct impact on how many people might end up wanting to compete to buy it. Yes, a house may "sell itself," .. but how much it sells for is heavily influenced by how it is both presented, and ultimately advertised by your agent.


             A Before and After Living Room. Staging Creates the Feeling of a Home


Can Buyers See Beyond the Clutter or Mess?


First impressions are everything, and if the first thing a potential buyer sees upon entering a home is a bunch of clutter, odds are that property will get struck from their short list. The amount of time to impress a buyer is actully very short. An agent may take their clients to see a half dozen homes in one afternoon, and you want yours to be the one they remember.


Prior to the actual staging, first steps will include removing all the excess junk and clutter from the home. This may take a few days, and can feel overwhelming, but it's a key step toward getting the house ready for staging. One all clutter and personal items are removed, there might be some minor repairs and fixes the house needs. What these might be can be discussed with your realtor, to identify what jobs will see a return, and what can be left as is. 


            A Messy Room Is Transformed into a Calm, Welcoming Bedroom

 In the process of getting your home ready for sale, one of the most important components is detaching your emotional connection to the property. This may be a place you've lived in for your years, raised your children in, and experienced a variety of milestones. However, the new buyer isn't concerned with any of that. They're looking to find a place to do all of that for themselves. 









Painting .. Every House Can Use a Freshing Up








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