Living In The GTA


One of the great aspcts of living in a big City like Toronto is that there is no shortage of fantastic places to get coffee. And, if you're a bit of a caffine aficionado the city offers a myriad of cafes and espresso bars to saisfy one's cravings.


There are great coffee places in most of the downtown neighbourhoods, and Corktown is no exception. One of the most enjoyable places to grab a latte in the downtown East side is the RedLine Coffee & Espresso Bar, located at the North-East corner of Parliament and Queen. 





"It's eccelctice, it's fun, it's ten minute walking distance to downtown,

there's all different types of people you're going to meet in this neighbourhood,

and it's very artsy, which I love!" .. Julie Van Der Lugt

Owner and proprietor Julie Van Der Lugt has fashioned much more than a coffee shop, as there is an ongoing calendar of activities to get involved in. Some of these include yoga classes, guitar lessons, open mic and music events, in addition to rotating calendar of community events. I had the opportunity to interview Julie about her experience of running a successful business in the Corktown neighbourhood.


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