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Is Now The Right Time to Sell Your House?


It isn't exactly a secret that it is presently a very strong seller's market in the GTA. Homes are consisistently selling for well over their asking prices. This is especially true for what is becoming the holy grail of real estate, the detached house. There is no doubt that we are at a peak of the market, and now is the perfect time to experience great sales returns. 


So is now the right time to sell your house? And what are your various options should you decide to sell? 



In this recent video I discuss the current state of the Toronto market, and provide several stratagies that seller's can take to obtain the best return on their sale.


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The Toronto Real Estate Market

The past year saw many changes and lots of activity in the Toronto real estate market. This short video looks back at some of the key points that defined the market, and looks ahead to the coming year.


One of the biggest changes was the implementation by the Federal government of a mandatory "stress test" for anyone receiving a high ratio funded mortgage.


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